iPhone 4S Coming To India Before Year End Is Logical

Now that the iPhone 4S is going on sale in US and a few more cities, it is natural to start asking when would it make it to India? the 3GS and the iPhone 4 had their delays before launching in India and the ones who are skeptical about the India launch of iPhone 4S have a good reason defend their thinking. But against that belief, I believe that the iPhone 4S can very well make it to India before year end. given our past record with iPad 2 and iPhone news, let me make it clear that this I ain’t reporting any of our sources here, but to your comfort, our friends at BGR India have heard from their sources.

So why do we think Apple will launch the iPhone 4S in India before year end?

Many reason. The very first being, Apple has promised to be in 70 countries by year end and while they did make similar promise for the iPhone 4, we know that they had issues meeting demand and after the holiday season quarter last year, they revealed on the conference call that they could have sold much more if they could make enough iPhones. When I say that the 4S will come to India before year end, it is a sign of optimism that Apple would be able to manufacture enough 4S to meet the demand, clearly they have had enough time to work on it.

Apple launches all its Macs & iPods in India right after the international launch and we see no reason for them to keep handhelds out. With the iPhone and the iPad 2 they have struggled to meet demand and hence the delays in launching in India, the iPad 2 as we know made it to India shortly after International launch and that was quite a surprise for many of us. Same happening for iPhone 4S is likely.

The iPhone 3GS has got a price cut and is retailing around Rs 19,000 in India and the iPhone 4 is unlocked and selling with Airtel / Aircel. Our bet is on an unlocked iPhone 4S coming down to India before year end and we haven’t bothered to ping a source for this, it is logical.

iPhone 4S Coming To India Before Year end is Logical