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iPhone photographers rejoice, Belkin has a new iPhone accessory in the oven that will take your picture-taking abilities to the next level. and judging by the company’s recent FCC filing, it seems that the product is nearing completion.

The LiveAction is a two-piece combo accessory that includes both a camera stand for the iPhone and a remote control. not only will this allow you to snap pictures from a distance, but it will also open up the doors for creative movie-making.

WirelessGoodness originally spotted the LiveAction on the FCC’s website. While it doesn’t give any information regarding price or a release date, the filing does explain how Belkin’s new accessory works:

“These two pocket-sized devices work together to help you use your smartphone to photograph and video record spontaneous group experiences. The portable stand quickly sets up on a variety of surfaces. it positions the smartphone for shooting pictures and videos. The remote connects to the smartphone wireless and controls the Belkin Camera App. when the app is in camera mode, the remote controls the app’s camera shutter button. when the app is in video mode, the remote controls the video record button.”

So, essentially, the LiveAction is designed to let everyone get in on the picture. but given that the Belkin Camera App also works with video, we’re betting that you’ll be able to come up with better uses for it than just boring old family portraits.

Regardless, if you love taking photos and videos with your iPhone, you might want to keep an eye out for this accessory. given that Belkin has already submitted LiveAction documents to the FCC, it’s possible that we could see it turn up before the holidays.