iPhone 4S: Bluetooth 4.0 advantage

iPhone 4S became popular for its amazing voice assistance app Siri. but another amazing spec of the smartphone that was drowned out among all the hoopla over Siri was the Bluetooth 4.0.

Along with Motorola Droid Razr, iPhone 4S happens to be the first cell phone to run Bluetooth 4.0. This makes the smartphone compatible with a completely new category of low-energy wireless devices. This means that a new avenue has opened in wireless communication and the phone can now talk to gadgets like special thermometers and scales, which previously couldn’t have Bluetooth technology since it consumed a lot of power.

So this is another reason to be crazy about these new smartphones. along with the awesomeness of Siri and the A5 processor, Bluetooth 4.0 makes it all the more strong a reason to go for this smartphone. the new bluetooth is also there in MacBook Air and the Mac Mini among the Apple products and in Acer Aspire Ultrabook and some other most recent launches in Japan.

Bluetooth 4.0 was launched last year in April. This feature expands wireless ability of the gadget it is installed on to many different kinds of products.

This means that it has the potential to connect your phone to your wristwatch, medical bracelet, or anything you can think of that includes a battery. This low power Bluetooth 4.0 radio just consumes very little power at a time. This means that previously the devices that had to be connected manually to transfer data as it was high-power transfer, they can do so through the air using Bluetooth 4.0.

It works like this. One needs a Bluetooth 4.0-compatible device, like the iPhone 4S and the newly announced Motorola Droid RAZR, on the other side.

To make things simple, let’s first be clear that Bluetooth 4.0 needs two devices configured to Bluetooth 4.0. And another thing is that now we have before us two groups of Bluetooth devices, the low-powered ones and the conventional ones like our phones, tablets, and PCs. To classify them like this, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) brought in “Smart Marks”. labelling the two powers separately. so we have now the low powered ‘Bluetooth Smart devices’ and the Bluetooth 4.0 devices, the ‘Bluetooth Smart Ready’.

The techies distinguish these two categories according to the radios they use. While the low-power group uses one single-mode low-power radio, the Smart Ready boasts a dual-mode radio that does both low and normal power. In addition, a Smart Ready device also has the capability to download new software to keep its Bluetooth profiles up to date.