iPhone 4 Users Get Trade-In Deal At Target [Target Joins Mass Of Stores Offering Deals For iPhone 4 Users To Upgrade To iPhone 4S]

If you’ve got an iPhone 4, and you’re looking to get in on an iPhone 4S, then you are no doubt feeling like a pretty popular person these days  as a variety of companies like eBay and Gazelle offer you a variety of sweet deals in a bid to get you to trade up with them. and now, the folks out at Target are looking to join the fray with an offer of their own.

Here’s the rundown: if you’ve got a fully functional iPhone 4, you can take it to Target stores and get up to $200 trade-in credit. if you’ve got an iPhone 3GS that you’ve been meaning to trade up but could never quite bring yourself to pull the trigger on, as long as it’s fully operational, you’ll be able to take that in with you to Target as well and lay hands on fully $120 in credit. The down side here, though, is that the credit, at last report, is given in the form of a gift card that you can use when the iPhone 4S models come in, which means you’ll be sans phone for a week, by the look of things.

Not exactly the best deal in either sense, especially when you consider that eBay was handing out almost double that amount for the iPhone 4 just a couple days prior. But one thing is quite clear: there are a whole lot more places selling iPhone 4S models this time around than were selling iPhone 4 models, so the competition is getting extraordinarily stiff, necessitating a whole lot of special deals like these.

And what this does is lead to one great universal question for you folks out there to answer: where are you buying your new iPhone 4S from? Whose discounts and trade-in deals look the best to you so far? or will you be selling your iPhone 4 privately to raise some extra dough to buy the new model, if you even plan to sell it at all? no matter what your plans in the matter are, we’d love to hear about them, so head on down to the comments section and tell us what you’ve got in mind!

UPDATE: We’ve just received clarification from Target concerning this matter (thanks Jen):

You won’t be without a phone for a week. Instead, you’ll receive a quote for your phone which is valid through 10/22/11. You’ll bring the quote and your phone when you come into the store to purchase your new iPhone 4S.