iPhone 4: Summer’s Hottest Accessories

Summer is always a highly-anticipated season because the weather heats up and the fun begins Summertime is home to some of the greatest outdoor activities- which are usually done with friends and family Make this summer one to remember with some of the hottest iPhone 4 accessories on the market. the sun may be one hot star, but your iPhone 4 will be the star of any party with these accessories

Sports Team Cases for the iPhone 4

Have you spent a large part of the year rooting on your favorite professional sports team? Why not solidify your loyalty to your favorite team by dressing your iPhone 4 in a case with the team’s logo? there are hundreds of iPhone 4 cases for each and every profession team, from NBA basketball teams to MLB baseball teams. these cases aren’t only fun and enthusiastic, but they also protect your iPhone from any danger that it could potentially experience this summer

iHome iA100 Bluetooth Audio System

Bring the music to any summer party or even a relaxing night at home with the iHome iA100 Bluetooth Audio System. this is a revolutionary sound system for the iPhone 4 that uses Bluetooth technology to stream music from your phone through the powerful speaker. this speaker system is loved by users because they can be walking around with their iPhone 4 in hand while it plays music through the speaker. there is no need to leave your iPhone 4 on the speaker dock, unless you are in need of a power boost.

iFrogz Voltz USB Car Charger Red w/ Luxe Finish

Planning on venturing out on a road trip this summer? Road trips are usually the experience of a life time. Staying connected to your life back at home will require your iPhone 4 to be charged throughout the trip. the all-new iFrogz Voltz USB car charger is the stylish car charger you can rock this summer. If you have an iFrogz iPhone 4 case, you can get this charger in the same color as your case. unlike a lot of iPhone 4 car chargers, the iFrogz Voltz is very inexpensive with a price tag around $15

iFrogz EarPollution Nerve Pipe Headphones

Do you like to keep your music to yourself with stylish headphones? Headphones for the iPhone 4 are extremely useful in a variety of situations, especially during travel. since the summer season it the most traveled season of the year, iFrogz has released their new line of headphones- the EarPollution Nerve Pipe headphones these headphones are high-performing, stylish and perfect for any music lover. Plug cord into your iPhone 4 audio jack and you will be ready to jam these headphones come in 9 different color combinations.