iPhone 4 Pixelskin Case

So you got yourself a brand new iPhone 4 or are planning on getting one.

But do you have any idea what comes next?

Yep, you will just be nervous every time someone touches you iPhone. You will probably think about poking their eyes out if someone even so as much as looks at it.

The delicate glass back with the Apple logo and the shiny new touch screen can be subject to scratches and scrapes. And that can cause both veteran and newbie iPhone owners many sleepless nights and anxiety filled days

We have the perfect solution.and, no, it’s not sleeping pills

Presenting the iPhone 4 Pixelskin case by Speck Products; it can take care of you iPhone 4 without murdering the looks or functionality. the iPhone casing is absolutely beautiful and available in beautiful colours.

The casing’s back is shiny with a matte pixel design overlay. the end result is an iPhone skin that is eye catching and modern. despite the pixelated design, the skin is surprisingly slim ad lightweight. but don’t be fooled by its looks, it can protect your precious iPhone better than many other casings that we have tested.

It’s available in some beautiful, artsy colours and perfectly fits iPhone with a skinny fit. just insert the iPhone bottom first into the PixelSkin iPhone case and afterwards pull up the corners around the front.

The iPhone 4PixelSkin case is made of Silicon, which is one of the world’s most shock absorbing substances. but it’s surprisingly soft as well. the rubbery substance makes sure that your iPhone doesn’t suffer any damage or shock while the casing absorbs all of it.

Although the casing doesn’t come with a screen guard, it does offer some protection by raising it, so if you happen to drop it on an even surface there isn’t any reason why your screen should be damaged. However, it is best that you purchase a suitable touch screen guard.

The silicon rubber case with the square grid, a.k.a. pixel texture, enhances your grip. almost all iPhone owners confess that their iPhones tend to be a little slippery because the delicate design doesn’t seem to favour a hard grip. this is where the iPhone 4 PixelSkin Case will come in handy.

Unlike other casings, the PixelSkin completely covers your iPhone and the gaps in the coverage are exactly where they are needed and not too big at that. the PixelSkin has holes for the ringer switch, headphone and dock connector ports and, of course, the camera s well.

If you love bright, bold colours and need something that makes your iPhone stand out like you do, then this is your casing. the Silicon is of premium grade and doesn’t feel sticky in your hands. Some users have reported issues of it collecting link and dirt, but that seems to be a bigger problem for the black version. Lighter coloured versions are easier to keep clean.

With the iPhone 4 PixelSkin case, you can easily reflect your personal style without compromising the safety of your iPhone.