iPhone 4 Cases – Heavy Duty for a Heavy Duty Lifestyle

It’s no doubt – there are a variety of different lifestyles that people choose to live. Some people spend most of their day being sedentary and others choose to be out-and-about all day long. whether or not your lifestyle is the one you have always dreamed of, it is what it is – and your iPhone 4 should be protected in the right way. Today, let’s look at the most popular iPhone 4 case that can support any type of rough-and-tough lifestyle – and do it with style

Otterbox Denfender for iPhone 4

This case is not new and there is a reason for that. the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4 is one of the best selling iPhone 4 cases of all time. this case is tried and true, and surely won’t let any consumer down. With its hearty thickness, there is 0 percent chance that your iPhone 4 will be vulnerable to damage. People that live the on-the-go type lifestyle, usually also need their phone to be handy within a second’s notice. the Otterbox Defender makes this possible with its accompanying holster/belt clip. just clip this baby to your pant loop or belt and it will always be available.

Griffin Survivor SportClip for iPhone 4

Just released, the Griffin Survivor case for iPhone 4 has launched itself to the top of the best iPhone 4 cases list. It’s not hard to tell that this is Griffin’s version of the Otterbox Defender. it is a highly-durable grip case just like the Defender, and leaves no room for your iPhone to be exposed to damage. just to illustrate how strong this case actually is, the material it is made of actually surpasses the U.S. Department of Defense’s standards. this is the only iPhone 4 case to surpass such rigid standards. the Griffin Survivor is available in black and pink.

The overly-protective cases don’t stop with the iPhone 4. the newest trend in iPad and iPad 2 cases are re-invented designs of these popular iPhone 4 cases. There is now an Otterbox Defender case for iPad and iPad 2, as well as a Griffin Survivor case. just like your iPhone 4, your iPad is an extremely valuable device – which is enough reason to invest in one of these types of cases for it. if you do choose to go with a protective case for iPad, be sure that you recognize the added bulk it is going to add to the device. Some iPad users like to keep their iPad devices in thin case – to keep it true to the way it was designed.