IPhone 3G – 8 Gig

I recently made the change to the new iPhone 3g 8gig. I previously had the Palm Treo with Sprint. I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with the iPhone. Sprint tried to talk the company I work for into keeping Sprint and getting the new Blackberry. Sprint said that if you use your phone for business you MUST have a Blackberry. I couldn’t disagree more. Here are the key features I’d say are necessary for a cell phone for business use.

1. Email
2. Internet
3. Storage

The iPhone 3g dominates all of the categories listed above. you can add just about any email account to your phone and be updated in real time when you receive a new email. The internet is so much faster than Sprint’s that it’s not even arguable. and I’m a previous customer so I know from experience. and my last point is storage which is no contest. I have the smaller memory iPhone which is quite a bit more storage that any other phone offered by Sprint other than the Instinct.

Anyone who cares about the stock market would be better off with the new iPhone as well. The iPhone starts you with an icon for stocks but I would recommend the Bloomberg Application which is FREE if you haven’t checked it out you really should. The main page shows you all of the markets in the world along with recent news, plus you can add any stock you want to your own portfolio page.

Now just about anyone who buys an iPhone is interested in music. with 2 options you can hold around 2,000 or 4,000 songs. there are a ton of music applications you can add for free as well. Verizon boasts of their system where you can hold your phone to the radio and you will sent a message of what the song is. The iPhone has a really cool application call Shazam which does the same thing. I absolutely love Pandora radio and listen to it on my laptop all the time. Now you can have it on your iPhone. and thanks to the super fast 3g network, you can listen to Pandora without download interruptions. I’d have to say this is my favorite application I’ve used so far.

There are tons of available applications for your iPhone that I would encourage any user to check out. Even one that turns your phone into a flashlight in case you find yourself in the dark.

For now that’s all on the new Apple iPhone 3g. I’ll add more as I learn more about the phone and what else is out there.