iPad 2 – ZAGGmate Keyboard Case Review

Turning your iPad into a replacement laptop can be a difficult task. many keyboards designed for iPads are just not comfortable to use on a daily basis, with many of them missing buttons found on standard keyboards. The ZAGGmate iPad case is made from aluminum and features an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. this means that simply removing your iPad and sitting it on the case gives you a full notebook experience.

The ZAGGmate isn’t made from leather or fake leather, like most of the other keyboards available. Its hardshell is created with aircraft-grade aluminum and appears to be part of your iPad. The ZAGGmate measures 9.75 inches tall by 7.625 inches wide, with a depth of.54 inches with the keyboard. It weighs 12.8 ounces. A 510 mAh rechargeable battery is built-in, giving the keyboard several weeks of use between charges. The battery charge can last for months in standby mode.

The Bluetooth keyboard that’s built into the ZAGGmate case looks small, but features a full QWERTY keyboard for accurate typing. The keyboard is about 90% of the size of a regular one. The keys have great tactile feedback, and every key is exactly where you would expect to find it. many competing iPad keyboards remove keys, such as the right shift key, in favor of a smaller size. The top row of keys even feature special iPad functions, such as the Home, Search, Slideshow, Volume Controls, Darken Screen, and Power buttons. The ZAGGmate connects to your iPad through a microUSB cable, which is included in the package. A LED light on the keyboard will glow blue when it’s charging, and turn off when it’s complete. The LED will also flash when the battery is getting low.

There are two modes with the ZAGGmate: case mode and keyboard mode. When the ZAGGmate is being used as a case, your iPad’s screen is protected. your iPad is placed face-down on the keyboard, and the ZAGGmate’s foam lining hugs the tablet to prevent movement. It also leaves room for your charger cable. In keyboard mode, a fold-out tab holds up your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode.

The ZAGGmate with keyboard cases is a strong competitor with Apple’s keyboard dock, and doubles as a case. It weighs less than its competitors, is made from high-quality material, and is simple to use. The only downside is that it does not protect the back of your iPad, so using a sleeve that protects it is recommended. The ZAGGmate can still be used with one.

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