iOS 6 Unlock and Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 4/4S/3GS Utility Released By Smart Unlock

(PRWEB) October 07, 2012

SmartUnlock jailbreak and unlock for iOS 6 compatible with iPhone 4S ,4 , 3GS/3G for any baseband is a new step forward — in a nutshell freedom — for any iDevice owner.

Officially, this great news was seen on Daily Finance and it went viral fast among Apple customers. This revolutionary iOS 6 jailbreak and permanent factory unlock solution for iPhone 4S/4/3GS was developed in partnership with UJ Media and people all around the world can download the new software at UnlockOrJailbreak

Recent developments arrive with even more great news . Sap Shield V.1.7 jailbreak procedure is fast , easy to use and uses almost the same jailbreak patch that was used to jailbreak iPhone 4S, 4 running previous iOS 5.1.1.

It should be remembered that we are talking about the previous untethered jailbreak version for iOS 5.1.1, downloaded by over 200,000 people that have successfully jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 4/3S or 3GS and 3G version.

One of the best things for using Unlockorjailbreak is that any iPhone owner running iOS 6 is able to use the Sap Shield software to jailbreak and unlock any iDevice within just a few minutes using the same setup interface with no extra knowledge required, all that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection .

More and more people try to unlock their iDevices in order to change the network provider.

For this problem at this time announces a completely different approach. iPhone iOS 6.0 IMEI unlock is different as compared to previous iOS versions and there are a few trusted technicians that can give this service. The site uses a different technique to make iOS 6.0 functional on iPhones. Instead of jailbreak, they use IMEI or factory unlock for permanently unlocking iPhones.

For those who want to complete the jailbreak or unlock on iPhone 5 the company mention that the software it’s still under development and is expected starting October 15 . Still provides the iOS 6 jailbreak & Unlock tool in tethered mode, and people should take into account all the obstacles that have been placed by Apple with the new processor and the new iOS 6 firmware.

The team can unlock and jailbreak iPhones locked to almost all carriers worldwide. So no matter the baseband , iOS version or iPhone model , site can easily unlock and jailbreak it.