iOS 5 Jailbreak: Top 10 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 5 [VIDEOS]

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WinterBoard for iOS 5 will make the software even better with some new themes. It will allow users to alter the color of nearly any part of the device. WinterBoard is a third-party application developed by Jay saurik Freeman. It can be downloaded from Cydia for free.

3. Firebreak

Jailbreak app developer Grant Paul, who goes by the Twitter handle @chpwn, has released a jailbreak tweak called Firebreak that enables the Panorama mode in iOS 5. the Panorama mode allows you to take 360-degree snaps – perfect for taking landscape shots.

4. SBSettings

One of the main reasons users want to jailbreak their iDevices is to get custom setting shortcuts on the home screen or on the notification tray as in the case of iOS 5. SBSettings is the tweak that helps you access the commonly used settings without shuffling through the menu. It allows you to add quick toggles for commonly used features such as brightness, 3G, airplane mode, bluetooth, and more. you can also add shortcuts on the home screen that lead you to the required settings screens without any jailbreak. To get the details click here.

5. Hands-Free Control

One of the main selling points of the new iPhone 4S was the much-lauded voice-recognition aide Siri. To activate Siri, you need to hold the home button down. This jailbreak tweak allows you to launch Siri, simply by uttering a specific keyword. Since iPhone 4S is the only official Siri-enabled device, which is still to get a jailbreak, we can't use this tweak on iPhone 4S. according to Redmond Pie, the tweak will activate Voice Controls on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or the 3rd or 4th gen iPod touch whenever the complete port of Siri is available for these devices.

6. BiteSMS

The BiteSMS allows you to have better options regarding graphics involved in text messages. With a lot of features ranging from emoticons to quick mail composition, templates, passcode lock and signature, the app also handles Apple's new iMessage protocol.

7. Native FaceTime Over 3G

Although Apple decided to omit its tested FaceTime Over 3G feature, you can still have it on your device with the help a simple jailbreak tweak. like the Panorama tweak, you can enable Native FaceTime Over 3G feature by following a few steps. For details, click here.

8. BlurriedNCBackground

This tweak allows you to blur the background on your notification center that makes it look really simple. Users can also adjust how blurred the background they want in settings. It's available in Cydia for free.

9. Lockscreen Multitasking

This Cydia tweak enables Multitasking Switcher on the lockscreen. when you double tap the home button, it adds the multitasking tray to the lockscreen and you can access all your multitasking apps without unlocking.

10. ZoomIsBack

If you miss iOS 4's double tap zoom feature in iOS 5, ZoomIsBack is the jailbreak tweak that can serve you the best. As the name suggests, the tweak brings back the sliding zoom feature to iOS 5. once you install ZoomIsBack, both pinch-to-zoom and double tap zoom methods work.

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