Internet Access On An Airplane and Describing A VPN Connection For Your iPhone

In this guide we will look over how to use an internet connection on an airplane and what is VPN access. More and more of us are travelling for business and pleasure so the use of our iPhones is a hugely important part of both. Having an internet connection on an airplane for short or long distance travel is now a must for any business person.

Your iPhone can be a source to your email, web and other business documents stored online, so by having a constant internet connection while travelling will greatly benefit your business needs. Protect your iPhone with iPhone 4 skins or iPhone 3gs cases when you travel as the damage during this period is more likely.

The Airplane mode on your iPhone turns off mobile, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS signals to avoid interfering with aircraft operations. Airplane mode will disable many of the iPhone features. many countries now allow the use of Wi-Fi while in Airplane mode so that you are able to:

  • Send and receive email
  • Browse the web
  • Sync you contacts, notes and calendars
  • Stream videos
  • Access map locations
  • Access weather updates
  • Buy music and apps

In some countries the use of Bluetooth is also allowed to use with your Bluetooth devices on the iPhone. These can be linked to your headset or laptop while you are flying. your Bluetooth devices now have accessories to match your iPhone 4 skins and iPhone 3gs cases.

A VPN connection is a Virtual Private Network that provides secure access over the internet to private networks, like the networks found when you are travelling to a hotel or company. Use network settings on your phone to configure and turn on VPN. The use of a VPN normally comes with a service charge from the hotel or if visiting a company you can likely gain access through their IT department. a VPN connection can range in connection speed depending on where you are located and the network you are joining. If you are joining a company VPN then the connection should be fast and reliable as this will be supported, normally, by an IT department. If you are using a VPN at a hotel or other public location then the connection can be slow and unreliable, this is due to the unmanaged connection and the amount of people that access the network at the same time will slow the network connection down.