iLuv products for iPod, iPhone and iPad

iLuv is the producer of countless great accessories for your iPod, iPhone and iPad, whether you need a case, an alarm clock or speakers.

One of their best new products available this winter is the imm178 Vibe plus Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker for iPod and iPhone. this alarm clock also doubles as a bed shaker that is guaranteed to wake up even the heaviest sleeper by also shaking their bed or pillow. once you shut off the speaker, the vibrating continues, making sure that you are the only person that wakes up. you can set it to an iPod, iPhone or FM radio to play your favorite music during the day.

For those on the go, but want to listen to your iPad without headphones, the iSP210 MusicPac is perfect. It not only acts as a protective case for the iPad or iPad 2, but it also delivers powerful sound from a portable speaker. It uses a simple zipper-closure, which makes sure that the iPad will not get ruined or move around during travel.

If you’ve always wanted to share the sounds of your iPad or iPad 2 with the rest of your family, the iMM514 ArtStation Pro is a wonderful product that delivers cinematic sound quality while looking great to your entire house. It is practically the ultimate docking station, making it easier to enjoy TV shows or movies. the system also includes a free app that allows you to turn your iPad into a stylish clock and radio and also includes a weather program.

iLuv also has plenty of smaller products that work as great stocking stuffers. First up is the iEP322 City Lights Collection In-Ear Headphones. these in-ear headphones are stylish, coming in a variety of holiday-themed colors, while also delivering high-performance speakers that have extended frequency range, high power handling and lower distortion.

Next is the iBA300 Portable USB Rechargeable Battery Kit that not only works for iPhones, but Blackberrys as well. the rechargeable battery pack can be used for other USB powered devices. It gives you the extra hours of music and video playing time that a fully-charged battery by itself will not give. It’s a perfect device for emergencies.

Finally, the iCB107 5-Way Audio Splitter with Apple remote is a compact device that lets you share music to five different headphones. so, if you are listening to something you want to share, just have the other person plug in their pair of headphones and you both can privately listen to the music without annoying those around you. It is great for families with children that want to use an iPad to watch a movie together.