If You Could Only Use One Tech Gadget?

You’d be hard pressed to find a given moment during the hours of 6:00 am to 6:00 pm when there is not some sort of electronic gadget in my hand, on my desk or in my pocket. In this electronic age, we demand our contacts, information and entertainment to be at our fingertips in a moments notice. From the desktop computer at work, to the netbook in our messenger bag, the smart phone in our pockets, the tablet in briefcase and the laptop on the coffee table. Do we really need every single type of technology? What if each of us could only use just one of these gadgets, which would you select? Read on for the personal answer from just another tech obsessed member of the technological age.

Cell Phone

I have to admit, I am better than most. My cellphone is not forever connected to my ear or hand. My family is constantly complaining that I take forever to return text messages and phones calls. It’s not that I don’t want to get back to them right away. I just don’t have my cell phone constantly on my body. I also keep my cell phone on vibrate during the work day, and I neglect to turn the volume up when I’m home. Also, as many who have previous work experience in a Call Center can tell you, I loathe talking on the telephone. Clearly, the cell phone is not going to be my gadget of choice.

PC/Desktop Computer

I sit at a desktop computer for 8 hours a day. While the PC has more memory than other gadgets, I do not enjoy using a Desktop computer outside of my workplace. For one, using a desktop means I have to sit on a usually uncomfortable chair while I read e-mails, research and write. For two, a desktop computer would not be conveniently located in my living room where my husband and children gather in the afternoon and evening; therefore taking away precious time from my family. The odds for the Personal Computer being my favorite gadget aren’t looking so hot either.


In my opinion, the most convenient piece of technology that does not feel like a tracking device is the Netbook. The Netbook easily fits into any medium sized purse, bag, suitcase or briefcase. It does all the same stuff as a laptop, only in a smaller, more compact version. Rather than sit at a Desktop Computer, risking back and neck pain from being constantly hunched over, I sit quite relaxed on my sofa with my Netbook on my lap.

The Verdict

If I could only use one type of technology it would be the Netbook. With it’s extraordinary convenience, portability and flexibility; the Netbook gives me the technology I need without cramping my style. If you could only use one gadget, what would you use?

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