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Apple‘s 3G iPhone is one of the latest breakthroughs in technology. whether you are a first-time user or an old user of this high-tech gadget, you will definitely look forward to own some accessories that are specially made for your 3G iPhone.

There are many accessories to go for, but if you are a wise buyer and a wise user at the same time, you will basically desire only those accessories that have practical uses, such as a crystal case to protect your phone with.

The crystal case is one of the top Apple 3G iPhone accessories. it will keep the iPhone from scratches due to everyday use. it comes with a clear design which makes it perfect for professionals and executives who do not like complicated or bold designs on their gadgets. an alternative case for your Apple 3G iPhone is the leather case. There is one made of premium lamb skin hide, and another of premium cowhide. There are many other designs available to suit your taste, of course. There are also super sleek designs for the super trendy users of iPhone.

Next in line is the Car Holder for iPhone. For those who are busy driving or for those people who travel a lot, this accessory is perfect because it will keep the iPhone in its place even while you are driving. the Car Holder for iPhone is especially designed for iPhone owners because it enables them to periodically check if someone is calling them without having to go through their bags, which can be a risky thing to do while driving.  

Other 3G accessory must-haves are the iPhone 3G dock, which has 3-1 features (USB charging, syncing, and audio out), and the Apple USB power adapter. Retailing at only $29 each, these 3G accessories make using your iPhone more convenient.

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