How to unlock iphone 3gs 4.2.1


Unlocking your iPhone comes with numerous advantages with the major one being the fact that you can be able to use it across different network carriers. this saves you the trouble of having to own many phones which is costly in the long run. Even then, information on how to unlock iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1 is not always available hence most of the people have to put up with it just as it is. this is because, unlocking your iPhone basically means that you are hacking into your phone’s system. there are two softwares that are used in unlocking your iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1. namely the 3G iPhone unlocker and the jailbreak tool. The jailbreaking software is designed to get around the security of the phone thereby allowing the installation of third party software that is not endorsed by the manufacturer. although this practice is legal, it calls for you to be very cautious.

So just what does the process of unlocking the iPhone entail? To begin with, you will need to download all the files that are needed in order to complete this process. These include a recent iTunes version, the iOS firmware as well as Pwnage, a tool that was released by iPhone makers. The iTunes software is very crucial in synchronizing you phone to the computer thereby allowing you to backup your data before beginning the process. with that done, you will then close all the running applications after which you may now run the Pwnage tool that initiates the process. you will then be required to select one option from the modes to select from that is expert or simple. although you may have the temptation to run the expert mode, it is advisable to select the simple mode because you can be sure of sufficient guidelines that will see you execute the process successfully.

To continue the process, you will then have to choose iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1 unlocking from the menu before clicking the blue icon that will usher you to the next stage. this action prompts the Pwnage tool to establish an ideal firmware after which you will get a no or Yes choice for the carrier where a yes means that the carrier does not need to be unlocked. Otherwise you will need to select the activate option followed by a no which will allow you to access ultrasnow. you will then have the option of saving the ‘ipsw’ file in a new folder on your desktop. after saving this file hold on for about ten minutes before putting the password followed by an OK.

Upon the completion of IPSW building, you may then connect the iPhone 3Gs 4.2.1 that you have unlocked to your computer. The Pwnage tool will guide you in placing the phone on DFU mode after which you will need to hold the power and home keys for about ten seconds before releasing the power button and continue holding the home key for another ten seconds. it is at this stage that you will be required to activate iTunes and restore your phone’s firmware. at this stage, do not activate any updates.

You will then find custom firmware from a dialog box that will be displayed and navigate the new folder that was created earlier. Upon locating the IPSW, select the choose button so as to unlock iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 carrier. The firmware should be restored after ten minutes. during this time, you will need to refrain from any activity that may interrupt the process. Upon successful completion iTunes will install new firmware after which this process will be completed automatically and successfully. in conclusion, the Jailbreaking method of unlocking your iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 can requires patience in order to be done successfully.