how to turn off iphone 3g 16gb? -How To Turn Off Ebay 

Question by Tom S: how to turn off iphone 3g 16gb? – how to Turn off Ebayhello dears; i just purchased iphone 3g 16gb in ebay, but to turn off the iphone i have to push the power button. i had a 8gb iphone and to turn it off i just pushed the black button that is in front of the iphone. i do not know if to turn off the 16gb iphone can be done only pushing the power button. i ask this question because i do not know if something is wrong with the iphone i purchased in ebay. thanks a lot for your inf.

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Answer by ChrisYou can turn off the phone by holding down the power button for about 5 seconds and then sliding the button to power off.

To reboot the phone, hold down the power and home buttons at the same time until the screen goes black, ignoring the “Slide to power off” option.

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