How to Set an Alarm on iPhone

How to set an alarm on iPhone? Has this thought ever come across your mind. Probably not. The reason being the Apple iPhone features are so immense, courtesy the App store that most of the users of the device don’t really use the inbuilt features. The inbuilt features in the iPhone are really simple and helpful. One of those features is the iPhone alarm clock. The alarm setting on an iPhone doesn’t take more than a minute and gives users the flexibility to use various tunes as their alarm tune.

Setting an Alarm Using the Clock Application with an iPhone

Let us take a look at these simple steps to know how to set an alarm on iPhone. If you want to set an alarm on iPhone 4G, you can follow the same steps as the alarm feature is the same on all the iPhones, whether old or new ones.

  1. On the main screen of the iPhone, click on “clock”.
  2. On the bottom of the screen, four options will open up. “World clock”, “Alarm”, “Stopwatch”, “Timer”.
  3. Press “Alarm”, and then press the “plus” sign on the upper right hand side to set a new alarm.
  4. It will again give you four options as Repeat, Sound, Snooze and Label. You can personalize the alarm according to your schedule.
  5. If you want the alarm to be repeated on specific days, press “Repeat”.
  6. In the “Sound” section you can choose a tune/song of your choice from the music files on your phone or otherwise you can use one of the default sounds of the iPhone.
  7. If you want the alarm to go on and on until you surrender and finally wake up, you can keep the “snooze” option as ON.
  8. Now hit “Label”, and you can choose a name for your alarm.
  9. Below the” Label” option you can choose the time at which you want to let the alarm go off. Don’t forget to click on save on the upper right hand side of the screen.
  10. Your alarm is set, Have a nice sleep!

Sleep Hours Alarm

One of the other ways of an alarm setting on iPhone is by using the “Timer” feature instead of the Alarm option. As mentioned above, when you click on “Clock” the “Timer” option opens up on the bottom of the screen. Once you click on “Timer”, you need to drag the counters to specify the duration like 6/7 hours and then choose a sound to make you wake up and then hit “Start”. So if for example, you specify the counter as 6 hours, then the “Timer” will be on for 6 hours and then will make a sound to wake you up. This is another way of setting an alarm on the iPhone but specialists recommend setting an alarm using the clock application with an iPhone to have a longer iPhone battery life.

Some Common iPhone Alarm Issues

While alarm setting on an iPhone is not too complicated, some of the problems one can face while trying to set an alarm on the iPhone is that if we press the “Clock” application for too long, the iPhone tends to freeze and some models of iPhone had issues while adjusting from different time zones but that issue has been taken care of by Apple.

Cool iPhone Alarm Apps

Apart from the standard inbuilt alarm clock, you can also download some cool iPhone Apps for alarm clocks from the Apps store. Some of the best alarm clocks from the Apps store are

  1. Absalt EasyWakeup
  2. Proactive Sleep
  3. Smart Alarm
  4. Sleep Cycle alarm clock
  5. ooTunes Radio
  6. Relax Alarm Clock Pro
  7. Atomic Clock
  8. Alarm Tunes

I hope after reading this article, any doubts you had on how to set an alarm on iPhone have been eliminated and if some of your friends ask you how to use your iPhone as an alarm clock, now you can surely help them. As mentioned earlier, setting an alarm using the clock application with an iPhone allows you to set a song of your choice as your alarm tune and waking up to your favorite songs every morning is truly soothing and refreshing. So what are you waiting for? If you own one, try setting an alarm on iPhone.