How to Play Your iPhone Through Your Car’s Speakers

With ample storage and plenty of media player apps, the iPhone can be used as an MP3 player of sorts. Additionally, other popular mobile apps by companies like Pandora and Last.FM allow consumers to listen to internet radio channels on their phones.

However, the average person tends to listen to music in the car. Older car stereos come with CD players, and this is incompatible with the way people consume digital music today. If you have an iPhone, you can actually listen to the music from your device through your car’s stereo speakers. Let’s examine how this can be done.

Using an FM Radio Transmitter or Bluetooth Functionality

Bluetooth technology can be used to connect smartphones to car stereos. in some cases, the speakers themselves are able to be used as an extension of the phone receiver, allowing for hands-free voice calls. If you have an older stereo that isn’t Bluetooth enabled, you could use an FM transmitter to send audio signals from your iPhone to your car speakers.

FM radio transmitters must be set to the appropriate channel on the radio, and that channel must be clear of any signals locally. When you are traveling through a major city, you will need to pick your channel very carefully to avoid interference from nearby stations.

Cell phone accessory companies make adapters that can also connect via a car stereo’s cassette deck in the event that it is an older model without even a CD player. most of these types of products are very inexpensive, so you can begin playing your MP3 downloads in the car without spending a ton of cash.

Connecting Your iPhone directly to Your Car’s Stereo Speakers via a 1/8 Auxiliary Cable

Some car stereos come with auxiliary inputs. these typically interface through a 1/8 cable port which is the same output on many MP3 players and smartphones. an iPhone can be connected to the stereo through this type of input.

The cables are commonly available at electronics stores as they are used for a variety of different electronic devices. They are affordable, so you can pick one up for just a few bucks.

Regardless of your level of income, there are many affordable options out there. however, the solution will probably be dictated by the specific features on your car stereo. Even if you have an outdated stereo system, the FM transmitter option is a great worst-case scenario. consider these tips if you’d like to begin listening to your favorite MP3 downloads from your iPhone on your car’s stereo speakers.