How to Pair your iPhone 4 to your Bluetooth Headset By AccessoryGeeks – The Geek's Guide

Hey guys John here with I’m gonna over on Edge odd question and how to pair of the Bluetooth with the cellphone. now a lot of you might still be in trouble with this just because the couple of headsets out there are little confusing on when it’s on pairing mode or when you can actually pair up with the cellphone. So I’m gonna do a little quick overview on how to do it with this particular Kyocera Bluetooth headset. So what we first wanna do is turn on the Bluetooth. And this one will turn blue when it’s on, there we go.. now with this particular headset you’re gonna hold the volume up and the volume down to put in pairing mode. And once it turns in pairing mode It usually strobes. now it might be different colors or it might be one color but when it strobes usually it’s in pairing mode. once turns in pairing mode, then go into your cellphone, turn your Bluetooth on! And it should find the headset that you’re using. So once you find it you gonna hit connect. And if phone’s correct it should ask you for a pin. Earlier I already connected this to this Bluetooth headset but for the most part all the pins are gonna be 0000 you usually gonna find out in the user manual but from what I views in the past it’s always been 4 zeroes. And once it’s connected it’s ready to use . So you might just wanna look into your user manual to see how to put the Bluetooth Headset into pairing mode. And once it’s done your phone should find it. And pretty straight forward from there so you don’t have to pay any other geek squash or anything like that to pair your Bluetooth with your cell phone and not safety or not. but pretty straight forward process and look into user manual and it’s all there written down in steps. but if you guys have any questions lt me know in the comments and I’ll try to address them the best I can, Until next time, this is John from reminding you. You got it from a geek.

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