How To Increase Your iPhone Ringer Volume

It can be very frustrating when you miss a call on your cell phone, particularly if the reason you missed it was because the ringer volume on your phone was too low to hear. If you’re expecting an important call it is essential that you don’t miss them. If you have an iPhone you may have experienced a low ringer volume. Surely a cell phone as sophisticated as the iPhone should expect it to let you know properly when you have an incoming call so you don’t miss it. This can happen due to the iPhone having a lower than usual ringer volume but what can be done to improve it?

A common assumption that people make is that the iPhone has such a low ringer volume because it has small speakers. While this might seem to make sense it is not the actual reason for the low ringer volume. The main cause for the low ringer volume is actually the volume levels of the ringtones that are shipped with the iPhone. By replacing those ringtones with your own ringtones you should be able to hear the ringer more clearly.

The default ringtones are recorded at a low frequency which is why they sound so quiet. If you want to hear them more clearly then you will need to find a ringtone that is of a higher frequency. If you own an Apple Mac you can use the Garage Band application and find a new ringtone in there. One of the best ringtones you could use from Garage Band is the sound clip name “Cell Phone Ringing”.

Getting this sound clip onto your iPhone can be a little tricky. You will need to run iFuntastic which is an Intel Mac application. For Windows users you can use either iBrickr or iPhoneRingToneMaker. All of these applications allow you to copy ringtones from your computer to your iPhone which will give you a much improved ringer volume.

When selecting a ringtone you should pick one that is naturally loud. A louder ringtone will be more easy to hear when your phone rings and you will no longer miss calls because you didn’t hear it ringing. With a device as powerful as the iPhone you want to enjoy it to its fullest and fixing the low ringer volume should greatly improve your enjoyment.