How to choose the right iPod as a gift

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The iPod is not just an iconic music player. It is also a popular and classy gift for any occasion. Choosing the right one to give is important, and with four different models in the lineup, that choice can be confusing. Below are brief descriptions of each of the different types of iPods so that you can make that important decision.

iPod Classic

If the recipient of your gift has a large digital library, then the iPod Classic is probably the best one for him. As the name implies, its form factor is the standard iPod size and shape that everyone knows and loves. More importantly, it has the highest capacity of any model. Almost anyone’s music collection can fit on an iPod Classic with room to spare.

iPod Shuffle

On the far other end of the spectrum is the iPod Shuffle. It is tiny and does not hold many songs, but it is perfect for the workout warrior in your life. The iPod Shuffle has a built-in clip to attach to clothing, and with no moving parts, it will not get damaged by even the most strenuous exercise session.

iPod Nano

The best selling model in the iPod lineup is the iPod Nano. The iPod Nano offers the benefit of being smaller than anything but the Shuffle, but it does have a display and the familiar click wheel. The newest models even sport a video camera and can receive FM radio, which are a nice bonus on top of an already great music player.

iPod Touch

Perhaps the most popular in the lineup today however is the iPod Touch. You can think of it as an iPhone without the phone, as it has all of the same functionality as Apple’s cellular handset only without the calling capabilities and GPS receiver. Its gorgeous touchscreen is wonderful for displaying album art and watching videos.

Of course with the iPod Touch, another huge benefit is its ability to run programs from the iPhone Applications Store. You can download them through iTunes or right over a WiFi signal straight to your Touch, and that unlocks a whole new world of functionality. There are applications for nearly everything, from recipes to communications to games. Any application that does not use the iPhone’s cellular signal or GPS unit will work on an iPod Touch.

Giving the right gift is important, and in the case of portable media players, simply choosing to give an iPod is not enough. There are four great options to choose from, and the strengths of each make them perfect for someone in your life.