How Good is the Quality of the I9 3G Mobile Phone With Java?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the new i9 3G.  People want to know if it’s a good phone and if the quality that we’ve come to expect from previous models is still there.  They also want to know exactly what’s different, special, or upgraded about this phone. I’ll try to address these things in the following article.

The 3G Clone looks more like the iPhone 3G (With the Rounded Back) And Tons Of Icons: This phone has the upgraded firmware of the i68+ and the i9 (so there’s not a lot new there), but it looks more like the third generation version of the iPhone with a more rounded back.

It also has many more customizable icons available.  to be exact, there are about ten pages of possible icon applications. there are now options for maps, stocks, you tube, weather, movies, songs, or any other application that you could use on the phone.

It Doesn’t Run On 3G Networks: The biggest misconception about this phone is that it now runs on 3G networks.  But, like all of the other clones, it runs on GSM sim cards like AT&T, T Mobile, Fido and Rogers, among others.  People have told me that the phone does work with the 3G Cingular and AT&T cards, but you don’t get the speed.  this phone also works with pre paid sims from AT&T, T Mobile, and others. 

The Quality Is Similar to that Of the i68 And i9: If you’re familiar with the recent brisk selling quad band clones with Java (the i68 and i9) you’ll probably find that the G model is quite similar to these, with the exception of the icons and updated appearance.  these phones are very popular and are well received.  I find the quality to be quite good.  the phone is solid and the picture, screen, reception and sound quality are all nice. the pictures are pretty good especially in bright light.

This phone is similar to the other clones in that you can do most everything with it on the cheap.  you can browse the web via WAP, opera mini, or other browsers that you can download.  It has MMS and SMS, as well as email.  there is Bluetooth, MP3 / MP4 and digital camera / web cam.  You’ll also find an e book reader and FM radio.

In short, this is a nice phone that is pretty similar to the i68 and i9.  But folks seem to like it because of it’s updated appearance with rounded back and the new ability to customize the icons.

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