How Did Steve Jobs Die?

On October 5th, 2011, we lost one of the most important figures in technology we will likely ever see, Steve Jobs. There are absolute fallacies circulating about the death, so today I am going to uncover the backstory to the health issues and exactly how did Steve Jobs die.

Steve Jobs has been fighting pancreatic cancer for the last few years and has had stints on and off from his work as CEO of Apple. Yesterday he succumb to the sickness and peacefully passed away in comfort from his family (at his home). In 15 years Steve Jobs has taken the brand we take for granted today, Apple, from close bankruptcy and a struggling computer business, to the highest earning tech company today. He has made the brand the most sought after, and the most cool brand. If you have a Macbook, or an iMac, an iPhone or and iPad, you have likely done so for the feeling of exclusivity and the cool factor.

Known as a hard ass and a tough boss, Steve Jobs made many unilateral decisions in his career, and for good measure. One thing that he was known for was not looking in the past to try to determine the future. He believed that you could not achieve true innovation by looking at an innovation that had already taken place. Being copied and being emulated is far more telling than copying something and making it better.

Apple was all the inner workings of Steve Jobs, the mastermind, the visionary and the creative genius.

Who Will be Running Apple Now?

Steve Jobs has a second hand man by the name of Tim Cook. Tim Cook has been the COO of Apple and since the illness was discovered, Steve Jobs has been working actively with Mr. Cook to become the post Steve Jobs CEO. In fact, on Tuesday October the 4th, we saw Tim Cook give the presentation of the Apple iPhone 4S, in a lackluster, non Steve Jobs sort of way. This was probably the weakest of all iPhone launches that have taken place since its inception, leading us to a key question…

Will Apple Survive Without Steve Jobs?

I think we will find out in time, however innovation is not something that can be taught and a visionary cannot easily be replaced. Apple’s archeticture and bold moves have been a result of amazing and forward thinking leadership in Steve Jobs and it is hard to believe that someone could ever fill his role.

One positive note is that Apple is starting to gain major traction all over the world, with the best selling day for Macbooks taking place in the opening of the Apple Store just recently in Hong Kong. Apple may very well be here to stay because of the brand that has been engrained. Remember Steve Jobs There are many vigils that are taking place in memory of Steve Jobs. All of the world Apple lovers are celebrating his life.

Today is a sad day for everyone, Apple employees, Apple users, and the entire technology community. I am not sure if there will ever be another Steve Jobs in my lifetime…or EVER. Steve Jobs (1955-2011)