Honest iPhone Review – Should I Buy the iPhone?

I’ve owned four cell phone previous to the iPhone. let me tell you firsthand, none of them compare to the style and functionality of the latest Apple success. My favorite feature is the ability to access the web (very good service by ATT) virtually anywhere at any time. With the Safari browser as the chosen format, you’ll be able to clearly and easily visit any website.

The iPhone’s in screen clarity is amazing given how the size of the mobile device. Should you need to enlarge any portion of a site, all you need to do is move your fingers apart on the screen and presto, bigger text and images. Apple did a fantastic job of designing in program design along with the arrangement and organization of apps.

The picture and video options are very good, but not great which is to be expected given that it is not an actual camcorder or digital camera but merely features these abilities. I deem the picture quality far above that of most cell phones.

Text messaging becomes much faster on the touch screen key pad. I can type about 5x faster using the touch pad versus a button punch phone. the only problem here for some people could be if they had very large fingers. if this is you, you could probably still adapt by being more precise than the average person.

The 3GS is the latest version of the iPhone. the main difference between the 3GS and the 3G is the ability to record video and send multimedia text messages (those with pics or video). Along these lines, you can upload short videos to YouTube or easily email any multimedia to yourself or someone else.

If you have trouble relying on your alarm to wake you up, the iPhone comes with a fantastic alarm and you can increase the volume to substantially loud. the ringtones that come with the phone weren’t awesome so if you’re into fancy ringtones, you’ll need to buy some.

The iPhone comes with the capability of two types of chargers (its actually one cord with an option plug attachment). One plugs directly into the wall and charges the phone fairly fast (15-30 minutes). the other can be plugged into a USB port on your computer and takes longer (about 45-60 minutes for a dead phone).

Price tag for the phone varies according to what size of memory you get. An 8 GB is $99. A 16 GB is $199 and a 32 GB is $299. unless you plan on storing a lot of stuff on your cell phone like several picture and video files, you only need the 8 gigabyte.