Griffin Technology PowerDuo 2 amp Power Charger for iPad, iPhone and iPod (Black)

Combines our PowerBlock AC charger and PowerJolt auto charger in one convenient bundle. Keep your iPad, iPhone or iPod charged and ready wherever you go with 2 amps of charging power. Includes a charge cable for iPad, iPhone and iPod models with full-sized dock connector.Color: black Brand: Griffin Technology Model: NA23093 Number of items: 1 Dimensions: 1.25″ h x 6.50″ w x 5.25″ l, .30 pounds PowerBlock the number-one way to charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod from any wall outlet. PowerJolt Our best-selling car charger powers up your iPad, iPhone or iPod through your car?s cigarette lighter or 12V power outlet. 2-amp capacity for fastest possible charging EnergyStar certified Includes dock cable compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPodVery helpful customer reviews 22 of 22 people found this review helpful. IPAD charges faster than the stock charger by William Costley This item includes an adapter for socket cigarette lighter adapter and a sync / charge cable that works with various Apple devices (eg, IPAD, iPhone and most iPod models). the advantage of this system is that the loading port provides 2.1 amps, which means that it is intended that load IPAD in the same proportion as the adapter that comes with IPAD. some reviewers at Amazon and elsewhere have reported that charges the IPAD is actually slightly faster than the original adapter, and I confirmed with my kill A Watt "to Griffin real power of 10% over the same wall adapter measures (see details below). I have no tools to verify the exact power consumption of the cigarette adapter, but would not surprise me one IPAD also charges faster. IPad ADAPTER STOCK: In the first part: After a few seconds 11W 10W over 80% load: 9W POWER BLOCK charger Griffin: when first plugged in: After a few seconds, 12W: 11W 80% load: 10W-cable with the supplied charger Griffin works not only as a charging cable, but as a sync cord, ie. you can use to connect to your Apple device to your computer to synchronize data between them. If you have an iPad, it deserved – although the screen iPad probably say "no Load" and the loading rate is much slower (0.5 A of more USB ports compared to the 2.1A wall or cigarette lighter). Griffin chargers are easy, but it seems well built. the charger, much more than the stock charger iPad is only slightly thicker but less wide (see my customer images) and also has a folding plug. She has a nice form factor, just as practical for the road than the original adapter. This kit is also available through the Apple Store, so of course Apple makes this set of Griffin chargers for their own products, but it is much cheaper here on Amazon. 12 of 12 people found the following review helpful. Loading a Kindle 2 by rjgsphinx I've tried several USB wall charger and no, my Kindle was 2 for free. This has everything I've tried charged. I like to fold the legs on the wall charger makes it easier to pack. I also wish that this package allows you to both hotel and in the car, all with the same USB cable for free. I'm traveling with a Kindle 2, a Blackberry and an Ipod Touch. It works with all. moreover, I am a friend of mine and confirmed it Ipad Ipad fee within a reasonable timeframe. the light is not disturbing light as some other USB chargers, but easy to see. my only wish is that the charger wall had more USB ports, but not to divide the current can be argued that the Kindle 8 of 8 people found this review helpful. great for iPad, iTouch iPhone 4 and the fourth generation of Sam I Am Finding a decent charger for new products from Apple Works is not as easy as you think. all the above products require new and more powerful than the old charger did not work at all. moreover, cheap copies of the latest is an all or nothing and you can really ruin your i-product. Griffin charger that works very well and rapidly emerging free annoying messages on the device. the company is very respectable. the conversion of the wall for the car is very convenient for travel and the cable is long but not too long. . Highly recommended. See all 35 reviews ….

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