Go Green With the Solar Charger for the iPhone

It’s hard to think of what our lives were like during pre-iPhone days. with its wild success and dependence on its functionalities it’s become an integral part of our lives so much so that we need more bang out of its battery just to keep it going. And rather than relying on wall sockets and USB ports, why not, well, go green? As in solar-green. There are a variety of solar chargers out in the market now that caters to the iPhone giving it enough backup power to function like a Duracell bunny. Also a solar charger comes in useful for the outsy-doorsy type where it is often hard to find wall sockets amidst the great outdoors and where the battery may drain quickly due to the use of GPS to trace hikes. it also appeals to those who are into green technology.

Now, there are no hard physics involved in this – how the solar charger works is that it powers up the iPhone through solar panels or through the 2.8 ounce case covering the iPhone’s back and bottom. the charger generates solar power and stores it into the phone’s internal battery. It’s as simple as that. its slim design considers comfort and use because it can be carried anywhere, anytime. There is one thing to take note of. because solar power is relatively new as well as the technology itself, it will charge slower as against that of a wall socket or a USB power. in which case, bear in mind that saving the planet takes patience.

Go green with the iPhone charger – it’s an innovative, socially conscious and environmentally friendly gadget. Choose from an array of chargers in the market now such as Solar Surge, Solio Universal, Freeloader PICO, FreeMonkey eXplorer, among others. no matter what the model, the iPhone solar charger is worth every penny and you might find yourself using it far often than plugging into the wall socket or USB.