Go Green With iPhone Solar Charger

Getting sick and tired of bringing extra battery for your iPhone every time you travel?  want to avoid the hassle of looking for electric sockets when your iPhone battery becomes low?  How does the idea of charging your iPhone (while staying outside and enjoying the sun at the park) strikes?  Introducing, the new advance in communication technology that allows you to bring your iPhone with you anywhere and anytime you want without worrying if your phone’s battery gets low -the iPhone solar charger!

This solar charger allows you to power up your iPhone through the innovative use of solar energy.  This environmental friendly device has slender design compared to the usual robust style of other solar chargers.  it is likewise lightweight without sacrificing durability and comes in different color variations to choose from for a more personal touch.  although it uses the sun as its source of energy, this iPhone solar charger can be use without the necessity of solar panel -just the 2.8 ounce case covering your iPhone’s back and bottom.  This solar charger can generate solar power and store the said energy in your phone’s internal battery.  And with this eco-friendly gadget, you can now enjoy outdoor activities while charging your phone at the same time.  Its slim design adds comfort that you can carry and use it anywhere and anytime you want.

Conserve energy and save money from your electric bills.  Consider using eco-friendly chargers than disposable alkaline.  Contribute to the effort of diminishing the production of plastic chargers that are on demand.  go green with iPhone solar charger!


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