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Switching back to Nexus S was refreshing. my biggest gripe is how easily the screen and phone surface smudge compared to iPhone 4. Google’s cloud sync and notifications features are far superior to Apple’s — although iCloud will catch up and may even do better when available in a few months. I won’t go back to iPhone 4. my reasons for preferring Nexus S haven’t changed much since my December review.

I improved battery life such that Nexus S is almost as good as Apple’s smartphone in the most unexpected way — and it was done accidentally. I turned on WiFi. my neighborhood is notorious for bad reception from all cellular carriers. looks to me like the Nexus S burns down the battery faster when 3G only, because the phone seeks a signal for fetching email and syncing. I had expected WiFi would be another service taxing the battery, when instead it offers relief.

Nexus S isn’t the best Android smartphone available — some other Galaxy S models have better glass, superior camera and other extras. but the phone is light, comfortable to hold, responsive to touch (almost to a fault) and overall offers an excellent balance of capabilities set against battery life. It’s the Android handset I’d recommend most non-geeks buy.

Right now, I’m using a loaner Nexus S for T-Mobile. Google provided one that goes back today, and I switched to another provided by Samsung yesterday. but I was ready to plunk down $99 for the AT&T model (I have accounts with both carriers, but AT&T is primary); free is just too hard to resist. I’ll buy one later today, providing my local Best Buy Mobile doesn’t sell out first.

It’s a risky purchase, too. the deal could be preparation for a new Nexus model coming — that Best Buy is clearing store shelves for the successor. but, hey, I can always hand it over to my wife. She has used the Nexus One for nearly 18 months now. Twice, I tried to get my non-geek, artist wife interested in iPhone. but she couldn’t take to it. Strangely — and I really was surprised — she loves the Nexus One. Android is why.

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