Get Back Your Deleted Text Messages – How To Find Them

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you wished you had not deleted a particular text message because you suddenly realized you need to get some information from it or that you deleted the wrong one? So many of us have unfortunately experienced this and I am sure we at the time wished we knew a way of getting these messages back. Here’s a news you would love. Yes, they are retrievable.

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Are we talking about getting back deleted text messages? Exactly.

Many of us would think it means calling up your phone service provider and requesting for this. Sorry, this is not the solution I am referring to. In fact, it is not a solution at all because your carrier would not oblige you though they may well have the text messages since they by law MUST keep a record of all your communications. The only information they can give you would have to do with details; Time, date and number linked to a call or text.

Let’s talk about the solution now.

You can choose between two methods one pretty easy and straight forward and the other a bit more demanding. We’ll start easy.

The first method which I called the pretty easy method simply involves getting a sim card reader. Some people call this a sim card spy device. Here’s what it does. You get the sim card you want to get information from and and insert it into the sim card reader. Attach the device to your system and using the included software, you would access every information on the sim card included the text messages. Other information would include call log, phone book and more. The extent of information you would find on it would depend on the amount of new data you have added to the sim card because as you add fresh data and the sim card capacity is maxed out, old data would be overwritten.

You can immediately see that you have some advantages and disadvantages with this method. The biggest thing in its favor is that you do not need to have installed anything before the time the deletion occurred.

One major disadvantage is its highly selective nature. It works only with cell phones that use sim cards and not at with CDMA phones. It is also costly relative to other methods.

The second method of retrieving deleted text messages which I said was a bit more difficult involves the pre-installation of a cell phone spy or monitoring software on the particular phone. This software has many other uses but we are concentrating on its feature that allows it to store information which can then be accessed by you. When you install this software on your phone, every information from your phone is transmitted by it to an online server and stored there. These information are uploaded to an online server where you can access them via an online account. Your job ends after the installation of the software. The software does its job unaided.

You may be wondering why I said this is a more demanding method. Its just that you need to go online using the phone’s web browser where you would then purchase, download and install the software. Not everyone may find this very easy to do. Again, this software works for text messages deleted after the software has been installed.

The advantages of this method are:

1. It is super effective.

2. It costs less.

3. The amount of information you can retrieve has nothing to do with what is or is not on the sim card.

4. Many more types of phones support it.

Here are some of its disadvantages:

1. You need to be able to install a software to comfortably use it.

2. You can not retrieve any text message that was deleted prior to the installation of the software.

3. In addition to your normal phone service, you would require an internet service on your phone for it to work.

4. Depending on the amount of information that is uploaded daily, you may experience an increase in your data service fees.

You now know the two ways of getting back text messages you have deleted. Select one that best suits your pocket and situation and be sure you are protected from the heartache of deleted information.

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