Get a Nook Simple Touch Reader for $69

This is an update of a deal from a couple months ago.

I love e-books. always have, always will. my first “e-reader” was a PalmPilot. these days, I read on whatever device is handy: Nook Color, Kindle Fire, andiPhone.

What I find truly incredible is how affordable dedicated e-readers have become. Remember when the original Kindle was $359 — and Amazon couldn’t keep up with the orders?

Anyway, while supplies last, RedTag has the refurbished Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader for $69, plus $1.95 for shipping. That’s an insanely good deal.

Update:Dang! already gone. But here’s a close second: has the refurbished Nook Simple Touch for $79 shipped — only 8 bucks more than RedTag was charging (and still $20 less than new).

The Simple Touch is a 6-inch e-reader with a touch-screen interface, e-ink display, and ultraslim, ultralight design. it beat’s touch-screen Kindle to market by about five months, and has received widespread praise (including a CNET Editors’ Choice).

Although it’s refurbished, Barnes & Noble backs the Simple Touch with a one-year warranty, same as new units. and it comes with the same items (charger, manual), so there’s really nothing to lose by going the refurb route — and saving a cool $30.

Why not splurge on a more capable colortablet? Price is one obvious reason, but CNET’s Scott Stein recently made the case for using a dedicated e-reader instead of a tablet — for book reading, that is.

I’m inclined to agree with him, as I find that when I read on, say, the Kindle Fire, I’m frequently distracted from my book. It’s hard to resist the siren song of e-mail, Web browsing, Angry Birds Space, and the like when they’re just a tap or two away.

With a regular old e-reader, however, all you get is your book — and that’s a good thing. hence I’m seeing the value in owning a reader even if you already own a tablet.

I don’t know how much longer RedTag will have the Simple Touch at this price; it’s been listed there for the last couple days. I’d say if you want one, act fast!

Bonus deal: looking for an awesome poor-man’s Sonos? has the Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver for $24.99 shipped. Plug this little gizmo into your existing stereo and you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Bonus deal no. 2: Today only, Best Buy is offering iTunes gift cards (via e-mail) for 20 percent off. That means you can get a $15 card for $12, a $25 card for $20, and so on. these are always a welcome gift, and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation day are just around the corner.