Garmin, Suzuki Partner for In-Car ‘Infotainment’

GPS navigation device maker Garmin on Monday announced that its technology will soon be coming to the dashboard of Suzuki vehicles.

Garmin’s navigation and entertainment system will have a 6.1-inch high-resolution, touch-screen display, and come with a CD player, and AM/FM radio, internal flash memory, an iPod/iPhone-compatible USB slot, and Bluetooth connectivity. The co-called “infotainment” system will be factory-installed in most American 2013-model Suzuki vehicles, Garmin said. it will also be available in selected Suzuki vehicles in Australia and new Zealand, Europe, North America and Russia.

The voice-enabled system will, of course, include Garmin’s navigation technology, which provides spoken turn-by-turn directions, street names, lane guidance, and traffic and speed limit information. The built-in navigation system will have access to vehicle speed sensors, so it will be able to provide location information even when a GPS signal isn’t available, like in tunnels.

The system will also offer backup camera support, Pandora integration, and an SD card slot for loading map updates.

Garmin already offers detachable portable navigation devices for select Suzuki, BMW, and Volvo vehicles in the U.S., but this is its first in-car infotainment system.

“We’re pleased to extend our cooperation with Suzuki Motor Corporation by providing our fully integrated infotainment platform that goes beyond GPS navigation and provides a whole range of information and entertainment functions,” Matt Munn, Garmin’s managing director automotive OEM, said in a statement. “By leveraging our long-standing experience in developing navigation software, user interfaces and hardware design, we created an integrated system that is easy to use and makes driving more enjoyable.”

The system will be on display this week at the new York Auto show.

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