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Still need more info on the Emmys? You’re in luck – today’s Fresh App is full of official Emmy info (along with videos and photos) to bring you up to speed, even if you missed this weekend’s award show. And while you’re busy catching up on all the celebrity info and award-winners, you can use TaskRabbit to dole out your menial odd jobs, like dropping off clothes at Good Will, to other TaskRabbit users (kind of like Craigslist, but for doing stuff). Over in the games department, we’ve got Globulos Mania, a free-to-download collection of mini-games, some of which are free and others available for purchase. There’s also Fractal Combat, an arcade flight combat game with lots of enemies to take out with missiles.

The Emmys may have happened yesterday, but for those of us who missed it, the official app of the TV award show is still packed with tons of information about nominees, actors, shows and more. Emmys runs down the winners and lets you read up about nominees from this year and every year dating back to 1949. It also lets you watch videos from the 63rd Annual Emmys (Sunday’s presentation), as well as past awards.

Emmys packs photo galleries along with tons of biography information, and brings streaming Emmys-related news to the app over a Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection. It’ll even connect to services like Facebook and Twitter so you can share information from the app with others.

TaskRabbit is part social networking app, part Craigslist-like classifieds system for odd jobs. instead of creating a to-do list, you post tasks you need completed on TaskRabbit, and the price you’re willing to pay to get it done: TaskRabbit’s developers suggest things like running clothes to a Good Will drop-off or assembling IKEA furniture. once you’ve posted a task, another user will accept it and get your job done.

You can post photos and voice recordings as the descriptions of your tasks to make it easier for people to get your jobs done, and you can also display tasks near you on a map, allowing you to figure out what odd jobs you can help out with that are nearby. the app also includes a guide to pricing your tasks and a logged-out section of the service that allows you to learn all about TaskRabbit before committing to using it. And a recent big update throws in Facebook Connect capabilities, as well.

A collection of smaller games, Globulos Mania is all about turn-based tactical gameplay. in each mini-game that makes up the app, you control little round characters called Globulos. you control them by touching them, then sliding your finger in the direction you want them to travel, creating an arrow. the larger the arrow you draw, the further and faster the Globulos will move. if they hit one another or a wall or some other obstacle, they’ll bounce off.

Games in Globulos Mania include a three-on-three turn-based soccer game in which you’ll have to anticipate your opponents’ movements and your own to try to bounce a ball into a goal. in another game, Globulos drop bombs each turn, and you’ll need to move your characters away from bombs while trying to lure enemy characters toward them. there are tons of games on offer in Globulos Mania, some for free and others with in-app purchases.

Arcade flight sim Fractal Combat will have you waving your iPhone around, dodging missiles and enemy aircraft as you fly over its several landscapes. the game is all about aerial combat, which means dodging enemy fire so you can close the distance on your opponents and take them out with a missile lock. in each of the game’s missions, you’ll have targets that need destroying, and you’ll fly your ship by tilting your device, fighting through defenses until you can take out the targets, all as quickly as possible.

You can earn up to six different ships in Fractal Combat, which you’ll need to take on the game’s bosses. the game includes “dozens” of missions, and completing them allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor so you’re better equipped to take down the next wave of enemy fighters. Fractal Combat also includes Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards.

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