Fresh iPhone Apps for May 18: Thirst for Twitter, Snapguide update, Cuboid Free, Bug Assault – iPhone app article – Phil Hornshaw

Get your Twitter feed in a magazine-like format, complete with easy-to-read articles from links on your timeline, with today’s leading Fresh App, Thirst for Twitter. Follow it up with an update to Snapguide, an app that lets users share how-to guides they create, and helps them learn all kinds of new skills. Cuboid Free, a port from Sony’s PlayStation Network, leads us into the weekend with its cube-pushing puzzler gameplay, followed by Bug Assault, a game in which players use their fingers to create arcs of electricity to fry menacing insects.

Twitter client Thirst condenses your Twitter feed into an easy-to-read, magazine-like page, providing you with a streamlined look at tweets and a great visual style. You can see your Twitter Timeline along one side, and Thirst will bring all the tweets that interest you into another area, updated as regularly as you decide to check and making full use of your iPad’s screen real estate.

Thirst also breaks out things from links found in your Twitter feed, placing items like news articles and videos in a format that’s easy to view and doesn’t require wandering through your feed to find. You can also see trending topics and easily send updates to your Twitter account.

Snapguide is an app that lets users share how-to guides they create themselves about a number of topics. You can read step-by-step guides and view photos that teach you how to do all kinds of things, and you can also upload guides of your own to share with others. once you upload your steps and photos, you can leave and read comments on other guides, as well.

A big update to Snapguide has fixed a number of bugs and issues with the app to make it run better, and also added new features. For one, you can now search through guides by their topics to find things that interest you, and Snapguide has been redesigned in order to show cover photos of featured guides to make them easier to look through.

Starting its life as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3, Cuboid is a puzzle title that requires players to move a rectangular object through a level and drop it in a hole. Each level is a grid with a certain shape and no edges; you’re required to carefully maneuver the cube by flipping it either sideways or end-over-end to get it into the hole. the idea is to move the block to the goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. the fewer moves you use, the better your score.

Cuboid packs 66 puzzles and is ad-supported, so it’s free to download. it has bonus levels players can unlock as they work through the game, and it packs special challenges throughout that have players working to solve puzzles under a certain time limit or in a certain number of moves. There’s also Game Center support that provides achievements and leaderboards.

There are bugs to fend off in Bug Assault, as you might have guessed. to best the hordes of insects streaming toward you, you’ll employ beams of electricity by placing two thumbs on the screen. the current courses between the two points, zapping any bugs in between; you’ll rack up points for nailing combos and avoiding shocking the wrong bugs, but if too many get through, you lose.

You can earn special weapons to help you in your fight against the bugs, and the longer you last, the higher the score you can take down. Coins you grab can be used to purchase upgrades, and you’ll have to destroy special boss bugs along the way in bigger fights, as well. All your progress is tracked on Bug Assault’s Game Center leaderboards.

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