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Need help remembering to whom you’ve lent your DVDs? Today’s leading Fresh App, Movie Profiler, is here for you, allowing you to input all your movies into its in-app database and log who you lent what and when, along with a lot of other cool info. Postale, our next app, lets you create e-postcards using your iOS device’s photos and a few handy themes and layouts. Today’s games have a need for speed: a pair of top-down racers that take different approaches to the subject matter. VS. Racing brings tilt controls and up to six people in local multiplayer, while Paper Racer uses a cool physics engine to simulate collisions and lets you draw and create your own cars.

With Movie Profiler, you can keep track of every title in your movie collection in one place. the app lets you search by a number of keywords, including title and actors, so you can find the exact title and format (DVD or Blu-ray) you’re looking for and add it to your collection with one tap. once you’ve got your titles organized, you can see all kinds of information about your titles, like movie posters, cast and crew information and plot summaries.

Probably the most useful thing about Movie Profiler is that once you’ve got your movies listed, you can alter their information and even keep track of anybody who might be borrowing your stuff. Imagine never losing a great movie to being “permanently borrowed” again. You can also share your lists with friends and create wish lists, too.

Like most smartphone owners, you probably find yourself snapping off a lot of shots with your iOS devices, especially the iPhone since it’s always in your pocket. but beyond uploading photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s not a lot to do with them – unless you use Postale, which allows you to create and send e-postcards using your own photos, right from within the app.

Postale includes three different layouts, three themes and five fonts to choose from, and the app lets you edit and reposition your photos to fit the cards you want to send. You can add a personal message, save a postcard for later so you can edit it again, and then send it through Facebook, Twitter or email.

Top-down racer VS. Racing’s coolest feature might be its intuitive tilt controls. You face off against multiple other drivers in 34 different races across six tracks when you play alone, and you can choose to use the game’s virtual button interface, or go with the gyroscope and tilt your way to victory. Tilting works well in lots of iOS games, but it’s weirdly suited to racing in VS.

Once you get good at smashing through the single-player campaign and its computer-controlled racers, you can step up to a real challenge and take on your friends. VS. Racing supports six players in local multiplayer over Wi-Fi, but if you don’t have a router handy, you can battle up to two other friends using a Bluetooth connection.

For a different take on the same premise of VS. Racing, look no further than Paper Racer. Another top-down racing game, Paper Racer doesn’t use tilt controls, but it does have a great art style, invoking a pile of debris on a desk, complete with paper cars. the desk and all its junk, like erasers, pencils and spilled paint, have been turned into the race track, creating some fun and interesting mayhem as you blast through the game’s 16 tracks. Paper Racer has a specially designed physics engine at work that makes objects like pencils and rulers react realistically to collisions with your tiny car.

Another great Paper Racer feature is that it allows you to create your own cars. all the cars found in the games are drawings, and you can draw your own and snap a photo of it with Paper Racer to import it into the game. You can also share your cars on Facebook and Twitter, and you can compare your scores online with other paper racers using Game Center’s leaderboards.

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