Free Spanish Language Learning Apps for iPhone and iPad

Learning Spanish has never been easier for users of the iPhone, iPad,and iPod technology. Spanish language learning apps come in all sizes and prices. But the best price is free. All can be found in the iTunes store.

24/7 Spanish Tutor

The application 24/7 Tutor describes itself as a “mobile language lab.” And indeed, the program, if lacking a bit in glamour and glitzy graphics, is interactive, utilizing native speaker audio, flashcard format, an interactive puzzle game, and quizzes.

The 24/7 program is divided into thematic categories, giving users flexibility in designing their courses of study. Progress monitors help the learner to track progress. An optional feature called “Priority Mode” narrows the focus of study to those words and phrases that prove to be more challenging to the individual. A more complex version, Spanish 101, by 24/7 Tutor is available in the iTunes store for a reasonable fee.

Learn Spanish Levels l & ll with Bueno, Entonces

Developed by General Linguistics, the Bueno Entonces app uses a “spicy” TV show format to entertain while teaching. Bueno, entonces was designed with the idea of helping students go beyond memorization and learn to think in Spanish. What it is not intended is to be a formal study guide for vocabulary and grammar.

Fast paced, Bueno, entonces may prove to be a bit challenging for the very beginner. However, this app provides opportunity for self-pacing through repetition. The user will need earphones or a private location for study as the video format can be quite distracting to others.

Learn Spanish with

The popular and fast growing online language learning community released a free Spanish language learning app for the iPhone. While is it not optimized for the iPad as of this writing, it is usable in that format.

The Learn Spanish with app boasts a catalog of over 3,000 words and phrases with lessons designed for a variety of progress levels from beginner to advanced intermediate. The audio that accompanies the bright graphics is provided by native speakers. Twenty complete units are included in the free version; users have the option to purchase extended content.

Free Spanish Essentials by AccelaStudy

The Free Spanish Essentials app, available only in the iPhone format at this writing, is basically a vocabulary builder application. Utilizing a native speaker audio, the program offers a flashcard format with quizzes and a progress monitor.

This app can help the learner extend vocabulary, but is essentially a gateway product to AccelaStudy’s more complete fee-based Spanish/English app.

Basic Spanish for Dummies

At ninety-nine cents, the Basic Spanish for Dummies app is as good as free. However, it is only available in iPhone format. Designed for the beginner, this application utilizes flashcards, videos, and grammar and pronunciation basics to get the learner started.

Spanish Word of the Day Apps

There are a variety of Spanish word of the day type apps available for iPhone. Most are free, others are less than a dollar. Some focus on general words, other are specific to verbs. These apps also vary in whether or not they provide an audio version of the word, and whether or not the app requires a network connection.

Dominican Spanish Word of the Day specializes in the dialect found specifically on that island nation. To preview the wide variety of Spanish word of the day apps, enter the search term “Spanish word of the day” in the iTunes search box.

Learning Spanish on the go has never been easier. No one learning application will provide the user with everything needed to become proficient in a new language. But accessing a variety of Spanish language apps can keep the language learner entertained and provide instruction anytime, anywhere in a variety of teaching formats.

¡Buena suerte!

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