Free Iphone Apps to Improve Your Health

Your iPhone is now the most powerful thing in your pocket. Its functions are in the hundreds. The nice thing is you can pick and choose what you will use your iPhone for besides making calls. There are now several different free iPhone apps designed with health in mind.

The first free iPhone app is a calculator. It is called “PointsCalc” and it allows you estimate nutritional value. You have to enter the calories, fiber, and fat of a food and it will tell you its value. The benefit is the ability to figure out nutrition value without accessing the internet. This eliminates the difficult task of constantly looking up your foods nutritional value.

The second free iPhone app is another calculator. The “2Fat” app allows you to estimate body fat and body mass index. You have to input your gender, weight, and waist and it then does the calculation.

An interesting free iPhone is Epocrates Rx. This is an iPhone application that allows you to get information on 300 different types of medication. You can look up the dosing, adverse reactions, pharmacology, and pricing of the different drugs. This helps you eliminate the mystery pill you found. You can even view pictures of the pills to help you further identify the medicine. It is truly useful when trying to avoid dangerous combinations of drugs.

Another free iPhone app for fitness is “Weight Tracker.” This is exactly the title. It allows you to track your weight. It could be the motivation you are looking for just to have tracking in your pocket. It allows you to send this info to a website to help see your progress.

“Restaurant Nutrition” is another free iPhone app with health in mind. Well, maybe it is just here to scare you. You can look up nutritional information about some of your favorite fast good chains. You can then track what you have eaten. You then can send your intake to a website for further tracking.

It is hard to believe that your cell phone could actually help you improve your health. Furthermore, there are several paid applications that act like personal trainers teaching activities like running and hiking. Maybe you are just starting your health journey and these free iPhone apps might be the way to go.