free 3g iphone games – 10 iPhone Apps For Traveling with Kids

Kids Eat For

The Kids Eat For iPhone App finds the closest restaurant in the area offering a free meal for kids. With over 8,000 listings in the United States and more being added every day, this family friendly app can be welcome addition to any family vacation.

Colorama – Kids Coloring Book

The Colorama – Kids Coloring Book iPhone App turns your iPhone into a coloring book for children of all ages. With a kid friendly, easy to use interface Colorama will keep your kids busy for hours with over 450 drawings of various difficulty levels available.

Packing Pro

The Packing Pro iPhone App helps you remember to pack everything you and your kids will need for your trip. Create a customized packing list based on the members of your family, your destination, the number of days you’ll be traveling and your clothes washing preference. The Expert help feature will even offer helpful suggestions of things to bring that you might not have thought of.


Looking for a good place to eat that is family friendly and affordable in an unfamiliar city can be tough. But the UrbanSpoon iPhone App provides excellent choices by searching local restaurants based on food type, price, and location as well as providing user reviews and ratings from fellow eaters, newspapers and bloggers.

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