Five Map Apps You Can Try for Your iPhone Instead of Apple Maps

Apple CEO Tim Cook has published an open letter to all of those who decided to sell used iPhone to get an iPhone 5 and was disappointed to find out the Maps app didn’t even recognize the street he or she lives in. After hundreds of tech news that went up to lambast the company last week, the CEO has finally spoken up to quell the building frustration amongst their valued customers.

Mr. Cook posted an apology letter for all those affected by the iOS 6 Maps mishaps on Apple’s blog entitled “A Letter from Tim Cook on Maps”. The CEO pointed out that the company’s goal was to offer new maps features like turn-by-turn directions, voice integration and vector-based maps. However, since Google Maps could (or would?!) not provide the said features, the company decided to create their own Maps app from scratch which turned out to be, for lack of a better word, disastrous.

The roads were zigzagged (even when they’re not supposed to be), locations were grossly wrong, street sign names were changed and a lot more problems roused Tim Cook to finally apologize and prescribe other Maps applications that iPhone 5 users could use before they decide to sell iPhone back to its makers.