First Looks: iNature Kiano 4 Case with Keyboard for iPhone 4

iNature Kiano 4 Case with Keyboard for iPhone 4

Interestingly designed with a glossy back and matte sides, iNature’s new Kiano 4 ($99) is the latest combination keyboard and case for iPhone 4 users. Kiano 4 is available in black or white, each version utilizing a slide-out, glossy-finished typing surface and a unique Y-shaped USB charging system so that your iPhone and keyboard can recharge together. Positives of Kiano 4 include its nice looks, a backlighting system, and its deliberately feature-laden keyboard — complete with secondary function keys and a full collection of number keys. The battery inside lasts for 5 hours of active typing or 30 hours of standby, going into an auto-off mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Negatives include some serious compromises to achieve the form factor, including super-tiny keys, unusual key relocations, and non-intuitive pairing and backlight button mapping. there are also some unusual warnings in the package regarding risks of damage to the keys and back — film’s included for the back — as well as overly bright backlighting washing out the letters on this white version, and the need to use a prying tool to access a Bluetooth Toggle Switch inside the rear housing. We’ll be testing Kiano 4 and rendering a full verdict in our final review.

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