Field Agent Offers a New Way to Make Money From iPhone Apps

The Field Agent app for iPhone is a free, unique app that pays you for performing simple tasks like taking pictures or jotting down small bits of information at places you would otherwise go normally, like the grocery store or a department store. Clients post small jobs that they need completed remotely, and users can browse through the jobs listed in their geographic area and pick out jobs that they are willing to complete. One of the coolest features of the app (besides the face that it pays you!) is that the vast majority of the jobs don’t require any great deal of effort on the part of the user, as they don’t even involve going out of the way, and can be completed while performing everyday tasks (like shopping for groceries.)

The app, which is free of charge, lets user browse through tasks based on how close they are geographically, or how much they pay. Now of course, you’re not going to get rich knocking out these small chores, but it’s a fun and simple way to make a few extra bucks with very little work involved (which, let’s be honest, is probably the app’s biggest selling point.) Depending on the amount of work involved, most of the tasks pay somewhere in the $2-$8 dollar range. Tasks that require pictures (such as snapping a pic of a product in a store) generally pay slightly higher than those that don’t.

The potential types of jobs include a great deal of survey completion, as well as checking out prices on products and brands. For example, one common type of location-based task is to check out the price of a product at a particular location, and snap a picture of it. Jobs are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, and it’s also important to note that agents have two hours to complete a task once it is accepted. As agents complete more tasks, they earn points which give them an advantage in signing up for new tasks. One of the big things that could help this app blow up would be to incorporate additional iPhone hardware features in the future to create new types of tasks.

The layout of the app is clean, simple, and intuitive. One nice feature is a tracker that shows exactly how much money you’ve made so far. Sign-up was also quick and easy, and able to be done straight from the iPhone with four easy questions. This is a seriously cool app for anyone interested in making a few extra bucks, and it will be interesting to see what features are added over time.