Fairfax Metro Media launches video feature for SMH iPhone app

Fairfax Metro Media has launched a new integrated video feature for its SMH iphone app – AirLink.   

May 18, 2012: Fairfax Metro Media has today launched AirLink*, ground-breaking technology that provides readers and advertisers with a dramatically enhanced news experience across print and mobile platforms.

The pioneering AirLink technology, a year in development by Fairfax Media, extends the print experience for readers by giving them additional video, photographic and editorial content through their iPhone**. AirLink allows readers to see stories come to life across the different sections of the The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald.

For advertisers, AirLink provides new and unique opportunities to engage with print audiences, using video content.

Fairfax Metro Media is launching AirLink in partnership with MasterCard, the first advertiser to utilise this product innovation in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald.

The Sydney Morning Herald is the first newspaper in Australia to feature this breakthrough technology. From today, up to ten articles will feature AirLink content every day.

“AirLink is a cutting-edge, audience-focused technology development that allows us to fully integrate print and digital content.” Editor-in-Chief and publisher, Sydney Publishing, Peter Fray said.

“AirLink allows us to bridge newspaper and mobile platforms. by providing a wealth of additional content to readers on their iPhone we are giving them an enriched experience of our newspapers unlike anything they have seen before. For our advertisers AirLink opens brand new avenues to communicate with Fairfax Metro Media’s discerning and intelligent audiences.” Fray said.

AirLink works as an integrated feature of the free SMH app for iPhones.

To activate AirLink, readers simply press the AirLink button on the app and scan their iPhone over an image where they see the AirLink logo. this will link the reader through to extra content. this could be a video that relates to that story, an extended photo gallery or related articles.

“AirLink is another example of how we are continuing to set the standard, through constant investment and innovation in mobile technology.” Mobile Director for Fairfax Media, Rick Gleave said.

“AirLink delivers on our promise to provide advertisers with solutions across our platforms.” Fairfax Metro Media Commercial Director, Ed Harrison said.

“Being able to offer television commercials and other forms of digital content via our newspapers opens up exciting new possibilities for our advertisers,” Harrison said.

A half-page wrap around today’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald announces the arrival of AirLink. The wrap features an AirLink to a video of Peter Fray welcoming readers to the newspaper of the future.

Online at smh.com.au, a superhero ad unit announces the arrival of AirLink, accompanied by a video demonstrating the ease of AirLink and how it can further enhance the news experience.

On Saturday May 19, a full page ad will announce AirLink to readers of the Saturday Sydney Morning Herald, while a double-page spread will appear in The Sun-Herald. All ads will feature AirLink content.

Source: Fairfax Metro Media press release


    Despite the wishful hoping of publishers and advertisers for a walled, controllable garden, Apple is only a small part of the content distribution market.

    Fairfax needs to be investing in HTML5 to reach the widest possible audience and dispense with all these “tricky” ways to monetise content.

    But I think it’s too late – with a fractured board, a hostile mining investor and newspaper men calling the shots, I doubt anyone will be capable of listening to good advice. I think they’re gone and it saddens me that one of Australia’s best media outfits has been reduced to this.

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