Eurotech, Ltd. Announces Company Plans to Launch FilmRookie App for iPhone & Android Operating Systems

Press Release Source: Eurotech, Ltd. on Friday September 16, 2011, 12:17 pm EDT

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Sept. 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Eurotech, Ltd. (EUOT.PK), specializing in creative problem solving for online properties that utilize video streaming, distribution, and networking, announces today that is has begun initial discussions for its new Apple iPhone & Android App. for FilmRookie.

This announcement comes just weeks after CEO Andrew Muzii finalized the purchase of and the FilmRookie brand. Eurotech has its sights set on transforming FilmRookie into a household name, one which management feels “will be a fun and creative way for users to make some extra cash.”

The underlying technology takes the actual videos uploaded by users, attaches a small advertisement to it, tracks the number of views, and calculates the amount of ad revenue generated by each user. the sites simple premise is to allow anybody with a camera the ability to monetize their footage.

Mr. Muzii stated: “What we are going for here with the addition of a new app is a seamless process from shooting a video to getting paid for the ad revenue it generates. If you look at the history of the most successful viral videos, ones with tens of millions of hits are the ones captured in the moment. From the kid in the back of the car all woozy after the dentist to simple pranks, we can be their cash register. We are designing this mobile app to share these once in a lifetime moments caught on camera in a way which rewards the users like never before. the app will allow them to get their video up with a traceable advertisement almost instantaneously so that they are able to monetize the hits right from the start.”

The company plans to begin developing the app. this quarter.

About Eurotech, Ltd. (EUOT)

Eurotech’s strategic mission is to identify and creatively solve the challenges facing today’s businesses that utilize the internet for online video streaming, distribution, and networking. Eurotech Ltd. looks to seize new or existing, but previously unrecognized, web-ideas, and manage these in a manner that ensures their commercialization by bringing them to the forefront of their industries. Eurotech strives not to duplicate existing models, but go far beyond the expectations of the internet consumer, with mind-blowing technology and new dimensions of interactivity, never before experienced. Eurotech like everyone else, recognizes the current, aggressive climb of the social media explosion and are at the forefront of this rocketing trend.

FilmRookie is the first video network of its kind which pays users for their uploaded video content. the social networking site connects makers and sharers of internet video with advertisers, and rewards them for doing what they do best. is also a video sharing community where members can have a full personal profile and unlimited channels of their own to share. Members of the network simply upload a video to FilmRookie, where an advertisement gets attached and tracked using the unique tracking technology. the site will keep track of the number of views each video and its attached advertisement receives on a monthly basis. any advertising revenue generated by the video is split 50:50 between the creator of the video and and is paid out to the PayPal account which the user links to their profile.

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