Ergonometric Concerns of Laptop Use

We love the portability of our laptops as they free us to work everywhere. Being able to tote your entire office from your car to home boosts productivity and employee happiness. however, this freedom comes with a downside as laptops are some of the most ergonometrically unsatisfactory devices around.

Laptops present several points of concern. first, you generally look down at your laptop, holding your head in this uncomfortable position for hours at a time. Second, your screen is never more than an arm’s length away from your body, causing you to hunch over. Lastly, your wrists are pressed against the 90-degree angle of the edge of your computer. taken together, it’s a perfect recipe for carpal tunnel syndrome and a stiff neck.

A laptop stand elevates your laptop off your desk so that you can hold your head at a more natural angle. it holds your computer at an angle so that your wrists are no longer digging into the computer’s edge. Ideally, you can use it with a wireless keyboard so that you are no longer tethered to your laptop.

The Griffin Laptop Elevator Stand

Not all laptop stands are created equal. In addition to providing an ideal ergonometric solution that frees you to use exterior input devices, such as keyboards and mice, the Griffin Laptop Elevator Stand solves other problems as well.

Unlike other laptop stands that grip the entire bottom of your computer, the Griffin Laptop Elevator Stand has only two points of contact with your laptop so that almost the entire bottom is exposed to the air. This exposure means that heat can dissipate easily from your device. We’ve all experienced the hot lap that triggers worries of overheating. these worries are a thing of the past with this Griffin laptop stand.

You may be reluctant to purchase yet another computer accessory as these contribute to the general electronic clutter of our lives. After all, who among us doesn’t have a box of random cords, chargers, remote controllers and other electronic detritus? If you compute regularly on a desktop, the Griffin Laptop Elevator Stand doesn’t fit into this category. you will soon get into the habit of automatically putting your computer on top of the stand whenever you approach your desk. unlike other stands, this one is designed to maximize desktop real estate because it allows you to store peripherals underneath your laptop.

Priced reasonably, the Griffin Laptop Elevator Stand is sure to make your work life easier. you will want one for both your home and office.

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