Energizer’s New 10W USB Chargers and Cables for iDevices

by mark R – on November 4th, 2011

I always like to see what Energizer is up to, like with the Inductive Charger. The little pink bunny rabbit has put out some new solutions for charging Apple products, and they have four new products that you can see here.

After the jump, you will see more details, starting with the top left product in the image and going counter-clockwise to the left.

The 10W USB Wall Charger and Cable ($24.99) has a compact design with fold-down blades, which makes it easy to travel around. It comes with an Apple certified dock connector USB cable, but it works with any USB charging cord.

The 10W USB Car Charger and Cable ($24.99) is made for turning any auto DC outlet into a charging station, and also comes with a dock connector USB cable. It has a slim design that can sit flush with an auto dashboard, and can charge other USB devices as well.

The Micro and Mini USB Charging Cables ($9.99) are compatible for charging multiple devices. one is a Mini USB to USB cable, and the other one is a Micro USB to USB cable. they are both compatible with the Wall Charger and the Car Charger.

The Dock Connector USB Cable ($14.99) is made for the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. It can sync and charge devices, and it is always good to have an extra charging cord for an iDevice around.

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