Droid Bionic – 5 new killer features revealed

Motorola’s supersonic Droid Bionic smartphone was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas way back in January and the 4G model was due to drop in the States on 4th August. however, the Bionic has seemingly gone through some feature and hardware changes since it was first announced.Understandably, there’s no news of a UK release as yet but while we wait lets look at what makes this arch-rival to the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and HTC Sensation such a mouth-watering prospect.

ScreenThe first Droid Bionic handset packed a 4.3-inch display but rumours of a hardware upgrade puts it at a monster 4.5-inches. the resolution has now been cranked up to 640 x 960 pixels and this is almost on that’s almost on par with the iPhone 4’s retina-stinging detail. almost. But this qHD display does out shine the Samsung Galaxy S 2 on the resolution front.

ProcessorThere’s a lot to power on this Android heavyweight, so the this handset needs the grunt to keep things tick-tick-ticking along. Originally, the Bionic packed 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 chip but now its down to a supposedly faster TI OMAP 4430 dual-core 1GHz processor to pick up the slack, so it should still have the required muscle. its also thought Motorola has seen the light and boosted the disappointing 512MB dosage of RAM to a healthier 1GB.

4GOk, this only applies to U.S. citizens but it’s still a big deal. while UK residents trundle along to third generation speeds, Americans will be enjoying maximum download times with the Bionic of 100Mbits/s over a 4G network. Those lucky barstewards.

Desktop dockAlthough not on the same level as the Atrix in terms of intelligent accessories, the Bionic will be getting some friends to play with. recently outed by Amazon (and then promptly withdrawn) this desktop dock sports ESP tech that supposedly remembers what apps, shortcuts and widgets are on your homescreen, presumably when in docking mode. It’s also a conduit for connecting to your PC via a selection of three USB ports, hooking up to your HD TV using the HDMI hole and piping your tunes to a music speaker through an 3.5mm cable.

In-car dockLike the desktop dock this vehicle dock has psychic ESP powers that will switch to in-car mode when slotted home. and with the uber-spacious 4.3-inch screen, the Bionic is suitably primed to deliver a seamless sat nav experience. of course the sightings of both these docks means the Droid Bionic is surely poised for to make that 4th August release date.

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