Diagnosing and Finding a Replacement iPhone 3G Logic Board 1005979

When the iPhone first came out it was all the rage, and today it continues to be one of the most popular electronic items on the market. With time, however, comes the ability to see the flaws in technologies once thought to be at the very top of the heap. while the functionality and appeal of the iPhone still remains, users have had the opportunity to see how fragile they really are. most people use their cell phones all day, every day, and the iPhone is designed to be used even more often than that it is designed to be a portal for not only email and the internet but music, media and photographs. Combining an iPod, digital camera, computer and telephone into one sleek, pocket-sized package is no easy feat so most users are willing to accept the flaws that come with the convenience. This means that there will be times in the lives of most iPhones that they require a little resuscitation.

Searching for specific replacement parts for iPhones can be quite a challenge, even with the help of the internet, say, p/n 1005979, or an iPhone 3g logic board 1005979. Sometimes, however, buying a new phone simply isn’t an option. With the high cost of getting an iPhone repaired by Apple, or even by another professional, any people are looking into DIY iPhone repair work and ordering parts themselves. the success stories seemed to be mixed in with the failures, making it hard to know exactly who should try to tackle such a project on their own. the logic board, which is analogous to a computer’s motherboard, is the most important part of the device. Apple has cleverly designed that not only motherboards on their computers but logic boards on their iPhones and other electronics should be replaceable, or in other words, upgradable. Often, however, the upgrade is a necessity of the previous iPhone 3g logic board 1005979 failing.

When it’s time for a new iPhone 3g logic board 1005979, you’ll know. the iPhone will not function properly at all. the screen may ‘freeze’ in the middle of a regular action, or the phone might not switch on at all. This may happen through the course of general wear and tear, or may be the symptoms noticed after the phone is stepped on, dropped, or otherwise physically damaged. it may also be provoked by using the wrong charger, like an iPod charger, which can fry the iPhone. In any case, the first move should be to a professional who can diagnose that the logic board is in fact the source of the trouble. while the repair is relatively quick and simple, it won’t help at all if the logic board is not the issue.

That being said, buying a new or used iPhone 3g logic board 1005979 online is pretty easy to do. With a number of websites specializing in selling iPhone parts, finding the part and a tutorial on how to install it is simple. having the guts to go in and attempt a surgery on your iPhone might be slightly more challenging. if you’re feeling too iffy about it, the best move is always to take it to a professional, or sell the phone for cash online and look for a new, functioning iPhone for yourself