Dear Aunt TUAW: Is AT&T killing my iPhone?

dear Aunt TUAW,

I just received this text from AT&T: “Network changes may soon impact your 2G phone service. Exchange 2G phone @ AT&T store w/free 3G AT&T U2800A phone by 5/15 & avoid service impact.” I wonder what this means? On the one hand, it’s an excuse to get a new iPhone; on the other, I really wanted to hit the 5 year mark using this phone. 🙁 it has served me well, even after an unpleasant fall into a toilet. anyhow, I’m sure I’m not the only one still using the original phone.

Is AT&T making my original iPhone unusable? 🙁

dear Lisa,

AT&T announced this policy about a year ago. If you want to keep using an iPhone, you can pick up a free 3GS from them in exchange for agreeing to a 2-year contract.

otherwise, you might consider buying one used from eBay. it will let you continue service sans contract, but be aware. Once you start using 3G service instead of EDGE, your monthly unlimited data will rise from $20 to $30 a month.

You can, of course, accept their offer for the free U2800A phone — but why give up your Apple iOS lifestyle?