Cute Japanese Cell Phone Straps

If you have ever visited Japan, one thing you could not have failed to notice was their love of keitai sutorappu, or cell phone straps in English. almost the whole population have their phones in cute overload mode, attaching not just one or two cell phone straps, but sometimes even whole menageries of toys can be seen dangling off straps attached to cell phones! here are some of my favorites.

Hello Kitty cell phone straps:

Everyone will scream “kawaii!” (“cute!”) when they see you with Japan’s favorite feline. She is the cat of a thousand disguises, from the classic to the goth-loli (don’t make me explain!) via, well just about everywhere. She can be found astrology themed, both Eastern and Western style, dressed in costumes representing areas of Tokyo or the whole of Japan, Angel Kitty, Devil Kitty. She is the mistress of disguise.

Monokuro Boo cell phone straps:

I personally love Monokuro Boo! two little cubic piggies, one black, one white, both simple yet painfully cute. Get one of each for you and your special friend. My wife and I have a matching pair, both carrying lucky four-leaf clovers. Buy two of these and your partner will love you forever!

Kewpie cell phone straps:

Kewpie is a character with a long, long history in Japan. Actually, she was born in the USA around 1905, but she has been the image of Kewpie Mayonnaise for many a year, with many Japanese thinking she is actually Japanese. Kewpie is at her simplest as juts a pink nude baby, but Kewpie cell phone straps see her dressed up in many costumes, her transformed into horrific forms, and even her tied up in bondage! Tasteless, perhaps even offensive, but certainly imaginative.

Drunken oyaji cell phone straps:

From cute to silly. Oyaji is the Japanese for old man, but usually with slightly negative connotations as after a few drinks, the oyaji show their true colors! These straps see them stripping off, getting depressed, fighting, passed out, and talking to Ralph and Hughie on the great white telephone. tell your boss what you really think of them with this cell phone gift from Japan.

Pocky cell phone straps:

For some reason a lot of foreigners love Pocky, Japan’s favourite snack. It’s a long thin cylinder of biscuit covered with chocolate in the classic form, but just about every other flavour under the sun is offered, from green tea to kinako, soya bean flour, which is much tastier than it sounds. As for the strap, it is a perfect miniature reproduction of a Pocky box. Always have your snacks to hand with this cute Pocky cell phone strap.

In Japan almost every cell phone comes with a point to attach these straps to, but just in case your cell phone doesn’t have an eyelet for these cute offerings, do not despair. They can also be attached to any suitable location; key fobs, zipper eyelets, rucksacks, briefcases, even earrings if you want something completely different. Be the envy of your frinds and give in to the temptation of a cute Japanese cell phone strap!

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