Connecting Plantronics Earpiece

Plantronics earpiece is a Bluetooth device that has been designed to work with a number of electronic devices like cell phones, laptops and so on. The headset is worn around the ear. It is hands-free and syncs well with a number of devices.

Connecting the Plantronics earpiece to the cell phone is a process that enables the two devices to recognize each other. unlike headsets in the past that used to be wired to other electronic devices, Plantronics makes use of the Bluetooth technology. If the device is set up properly, it is possible to use the headset to speak and listen even without the cell phone.

Before connecting Plantronics earpiece, it is essential to charge the earpiece completely. If the earpiece is low on charge, make sure that you charge the device completely.

Adjust the earpiece to ensure maximum comfort. Buttons for operating the earpiece is present on the piece itself. Right-handed people might find it easy to operate the earpiece on the right side. The ear loop must be placed on the ear and it must be pivoted so that the speaker is pointed into the ear.

Next, it is time to pair the earpiece with the cell phone. To do this, first, turn off the earpiece using the ‘Control’ button. Enter the pairing mode by pressing the button for six seconds. The earpiece will start flashing red and blue. Release the button when this happens. by pressing the right buttons on the menu of the phone, you can enter the pairing mode of the phone. you might be prompted for the Plantronics code, which must be entered at this stage. All phones, however, may not ask for the code. The code is available on the packaging of the Plantronics earpiece. Once this is done, the earpiece and the phone will sync automatically.

You can then make a phone call using the headpiece.

Sometimes, users may find it difficult to pair the earpiece with the phone. To avoid problems, it is necessary to read the user guide of the cell phone. The manual will also contain instructions about pairing options.

The Plantronics earpiece is well known for its audio quality and its lightweight design. The audio experience is much improved. Surround voice is cancelled out. Therefore, even in harsh environments, the earpiece delivers natural, high quality sound. thus, the device performs well with regard to inbound voice quality, comfort and durability.